Association des Pilotes de Cage

Thanks to the genius and patience of Jean-Louis DARLET, who has steadily developed the idea and wing over the past 10 years, a fabulous flying machine is available to pilots : La Cage.

Recognizing this, and with a passion for their wonderful machine, CAGE pilots naturally feel like sharing their pleasure of piloting this wing, and by the impressive flying demonstrations shown by most of them, more and more Hang glider and Paraglider pilots have been made aware of this form of flight, or at least hearing in talked about.

Of course, individual action has its limits. Since the number of Cage pilots is still relatively small compared to traditional Paragliding, the development and wider recognition of la Cage is so far restricted.

Therefore, we the Cage pilots, have decided to create an Association, to better coordinate our efforts of publicising the wing.
This Association has been created October 30, 1999, with the name AsPiC, which signifies : ASsociation of Pilots Involved with la Cage (in french, Association des Pilotes de Cage).

AsPiC Membership form

Bureau :

President: Jérôme JOVIADO
+33 (0)2 47 52 05 45

Treasurer: Alexandre DAVID

Secretary: Vincent LIBSIG
+33 (0)4 50 85 21 08